Greenway clay thin brick

Made of 100% kiln-fired clay, with 12mm thickness of brick facing is lighter than conventional brick, ideal for lightweight brick walls and thin brick veneer.

Slim Brick Tiles

Looking for a different style of brick? Our Brick Slim Brick Tiles may be the answer. With a wide, narrow face size (240mm x 40mm x 13mm thick), these stunning bricks offer a new avenue for feature wall decoration, but still with the solid reliability of kiln-fired clay.

The Slim Brick Tiles can be used in a variety of ways – from the standard brick wall structure to use of patterns such as herringbone. The versatility of this brick is only limited by your imagination.


This brick has the classic lines of standard brick but at a fraction of the size and weight. Rich in the red-brown colouring of Federation-style brick, (colour) is adaptable to most renovation projects. This brick is ideal for customers who are looking for the reliability and endurance of brick but want a more contemporary look.