Our thin bricks are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications

let your imagination take you to

•  faux recycled-look thin bricks have proved very popular, especially in the retail and hospitality areas. These bricks give the wall a look of “age”, removing the clinical presentation of standard bricks.

• The recycled-bricks have been used in a number of areas including restaurants, take-aways, cafes, clothing shops, gyms, locksmiths, and many others.

• Mood lighting can very much augment the look of these bricks, bringing out the rich brick colours and enhance the ambience of the room.

• Our conventional thin bricks can serve as a brick veneer, used either internally or externally as a brick façade. Our thin bricks offer a cheaper alternative to using full brick for a wall.

• The standard brick wall can be painted over to accommodate the colour scheme of the customer. The brick wall can act as a “blank canvas” where the customer can personalize the room with a mural, art, a logo, or even collage. The alternatives are only limited by the imagination.

• Conventional thin brick can be used in any situation – shop, commercial premises, restaurant, or home – to serve as a feature wall in a family room, office, bathroom, or board room.

• Conventional thin brick can be used in kitchens, and have been used around stovetops. However, to avoid grease stains it is suggested a glass splashback be mounted as well to make cleaning easier.

• Our bricks are also ideal for small or large repairs, where bricks may be damaged or missing from an existing structure.

Our brick panels are quick and easy for projects where there is a large surface to cover. If the project has a number of corners or angles we suggest using the loose thin bricks, which are easier to manipulate around the problem areas, rather than the brick panels.