Greenway brick tiles are 9mm brick slices cut from 100% natural clay brick. The bricks are made from the world’s most unique clay deposits and are produced in a primitive kiln. For that “feel” and reliability of genuine brick, Greenway Systems’ Brick Tiles are a perfect choice, whether for a feature wall at home, in a restaurant… or as a splash back in a kitchen.  Our brick tile comes in six electrifying colours.


9mm naturel clay brick tile

Morocco brick tile


Dark and mysterious, Morocco Brick Tiles infuse a room with the coolness of a deep forest and its rich, dark soil.

Amber brick tile


A rich cream, swirling with caramel, makes Amber Brick Tiles a welcome addition for a colour-rich room.

Carmine brick tile


Rich in the oranges and reds of a flaming sunset, Carmine Brick Tiles enriches a modern décor.

Willow brick tile

A light-coloured brick tile with an infusion of light coral hue, this brick tile presents a warm and attractive invitation into a well-decorated room.

Chilli brick tile


A traditional Federation House tone with a subtle blue hue. Ideal for a traditional-looking wall without the hassle and expense of a full-brick project.

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