Frequently Asked Questions

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What is thin brick? Is this real brick?

Our Clay thin bricks are made from 100% clay and are kiln-fired like regular bricks. These thin bricks are a superior alternative to regular brick.

Our faux bricks are made of white cement, mixed with natural clay and mineral colouring pigments to achieve the desired colour and appearance while maintaining durable physical properties of brick. This is a lightweight alternative that needs no extra wall footing support, is cheaper than real brick and is very easy in install.

What is the average thickness of thin brick products?

Our conventional clay thin brick is 12mm thick.

The thin brick panels are 23mm thick – 12mm thin brick, 8mm fibre cement board

The thickness of faux thin bricks are vary from 10mm to 12mm to achieve inconsistent looks.

Do you sell corner bricks?

All our thin bricks come with corner bricks to assist with your installation. Whether you wish to dress the corner or window, the corner bricks will give the wall the façade of full brick.

Can thin brick be used for both interior and exterior surfaces?

Our thin bricks are suitable for both interior and exterior walls. A sealer coating is recommend when using the faux recycled-look thin bricks for outdoor.

Can thin brick products be used on wall areas adjacent to swimming pools or wet area ?

We do not recommend using our thin bricks in wet area. The bricks are porous and may remain constantly damp, which could promote mould and mildew. If you decide to use the bricks in this situation, we recommend that you properly seal the bricks to stop any absorption of moisture.

What size spacing do I use between the bricks?

The clay bricks can be spaced at 10mm, while the faux bricks are better spaced at 5mm-7mm. We only carry 10mm T-spacers for the clay bricks, you can make  your own 5mm to 7mm timber spacer for space the faux bricks.

How can I colour the mortar/grout?

You will be able to purchase ready-made coloured grout from a tile shop or a major hardware store. There are many different grout colours to choose from, or you may wish to add your favourite colour to the grout as a DIY.

Will the thin brick fade?

The traditional clay thin bricks will not fade as the brick is kiln-fired with the colour all the way through the brick.

Our faux recycled-look bricks have 80% of the total colour mixed into the brick while the remaining 20% covers the brick face. Although the natural colour pigments are fade-resistant, a sealer coat is recommended when the bricks are used externally.

What is the weight of the thin brick?

Conventional clay thin brick – 22 kg m2

Faux recycled-look thin brick – 16 kg m2

Brick panel – 45 kg m2

What kind of surface is necessary in order to use the thin brick products?

Our thin bricks can be mounted directly on brick, masonry, concrete and existing tile walls. For Gyprock walls it will be necessary to install a new surface, such as Villaboard. Or fibro cement sheet for external wall. Please refer to our Installation Guide 

How are thin brick products adhered to wall surface?

Our thin bricks can be mounted to the wall with a regular tile adhesive.

Can thin brick be used on fireplace facings or the wall behind a free-standing stove?

Our clay-fired conventional thin bricks would be suitable, however it will be necessary to use a heat-resistant adhesive, mortar and backing board.

Should I mortar the gaps between the bricks

You can choose not to mortar the joints of the internal wall by adding a thick coating of tile adhesive then press down firmly so that the excess adhesive will seep out and fill the gaps.

Another alternative is pointing, where a mortar gun is used to squeeze mortar into the gaps between the bricks.

We do not recommend using grout in the normal manner when tiling unless the bricks are sealed beforehand or you are planning on painting the wall. The grout is very hard to clean off the brick surface and can leave a residue behind.

How to clean and maintain the bricks?

Both our clay and faux bricks are essentially maintenance-free, which is an excellent reason for choosing our product for your wall cladding.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add a little vinegar and washing up liquid to make a mild detergent solution. Gently scrub the bricks with a wet sponge. Wash out the sponge frequently to keep the solution clean. Wash the soapy residue off with water. Do not use high pressure hoses or acidic cleaning materials intended for real brick surfaces.

Are there any installations in my area that I may visit and examine?

If you contact us we will be able to give you job locations in your area.

Am I able to retain some sample of your thin bricks?

Yes, we will provide free samples, you are welcome to come to our warehouse located at Padstow NSW 2211. If you require to post, you will need pay part of the postage which is $10.00.

Do you deliver order to my location?

Yes we can deliver anywhere in Australia.We dispatch regularly to Brisbane and Melbourne metropolitan areas, and to most Eastern states . Prices vary, depending on the location of the delivery and the size of the order (both weight and dimensions). Contact us for a quote of freight.

Do you accept credit card payment over the phone?

Yes, we can take your payment over the phone or the counter when you pick up the order from our warehouse, or you can bank transfer the payment.

Are you selling thin bricks by piece or square metre?

We are selling thin bricks by square metre. Each square metre of clay thin bricks contains 48 pieces, and 68 pieces for our faux brick. Please contact us should you request a quote.

Can I visit your showroom?

We have a showroom at our premises at Unit 1, 89 Gow Street, Padstow, N.S.W., 2211. we are open for business Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

How long to deliver my order?

Your order will be ready for dispatch the next day after receipt of payment. Delivery by the freight carrier may take 1 to 5 working days, depending on your location.

How are the goods packaged?

The thin bricks are packed one square metre per box.