A darker variation in Rusty Steel, this reclaimed-look brick can give the project a bold look. Full of a mixture of rich yellow and chocolate brown colour, it gives the impression of dark, rusted metal (reddish-brown). These rusty-looking bricks will brighten up any room.

Each reclaimed-look brick is designed to be unique, with variations in colour and face dimensions to give the impression of a weathered, re-used brick wall. The rustic-look bricks also vary in thickness, from 10mm to 12mm, which will further enhance the weathered look of the brick wall. Each face brick measures approximately 200mm x 60mm and has an uneven, rough surface to give a truly rustic finish of reclaimed bricks.

Corner brick is available , measuring 195mm x 100mm x 60mm high with 12mm thick.

Rustic rock

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