Our most popular rustic brick facing. Rust can be a humbling reminder of the passing of time and the fragility of humans and their creations, like seeing rust appear on the edges of your first bike or car, or returning to a building or home to find it has taken on a new personality, one faded from the passing years, but it also can be inspiring with its rich color that changes and compliments the colors that surround it. Think summer days on the beach or trekking along a bush track, rusty steel visualizes Australian ‘fun in the sun’. This is ideal to lighten up the mood of a room.

Each rustic brick facing tile is designed to be unique, with variations in colour to give the overall impression of a weathered, recycled-look brick wall. The rusty brick facing tiles also vary in thickness, from 10mm to 12mm, which will further enhance the weathered look of the brick wall. Each brick facing tile measures 200mm x 60mm, and has an uneven, rough surface for a truly rustic finish.

Corner rustic facing brick is available , measuring 195mm x 100mm x 60mm high with 12mm thick.   

Rustic rock

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