Tools & Accessories

Here is a list of recommended tools and accessories to install our thin bricks. You can purchase these items from a hardware store or tile shop. We do supply a number of items in the list, which you can find detailed below.
  1. Flexible tile adhesive such as Davco Untrflex
  2. Mortar or Grout
  3. Mixer bar with power drill
  4.  Buckets
  5. Chalkline
  6. Level
  7. Tape measure
  8. Notched trowel
  9. Brick bolster & hammer
  10. T spacers
  11. Mortar Gun or adhesive sausage gun
  12.  Mortar striker
  13. Brushes
  14. Safety equipments

We stock the following items:

Brick Mortar Gun

$79.00 each


  • One litre mortar capacity
  • Heavy duty mortar pointing gun
  • Precision pointing for mortar or grout without mess
  • Ideal for repair of existing brickwork, grouting floor slabs or paver joints, and mortaring thin bricks or stone walls


Package includes: 1 x Brick mortar pointing gun, 1 x Angled brick nozzle, 1 x Straight brick nozzle, 1 x Tile grout nozzle, 1 x Metal scoop, 1 x Plunger.



Pointmaster Gun

$105.00 each


  • A trigger-free design where mortar is ‘pushed’ rather than ‘squeezed’
  • Robust, hard-wearing construction
  • Easy to re-load
  • High flow
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Suitable for pavers and floor tiles





Canvas Piping Bag

$15.95 each


  • Made of heavy-duty canvas with a waterproof lining 
  • Reinforced nozzle
  • A cheap and effective alternative to piping guns
  • Bag is used like a cooking piping bag







6mm or 10mm T Spacer

$6.60 per 100 pieces

  • Cheap and easy to use
  • Comes in 10mm and 6mm plastic spacers
  • Spaces bricks evenly
  • T-spaces can be left in or removed before grouting