What is faux brick tiles?

Greenway recycled “look” faux brick tiles are made of white cement, mixed with natural clay and mineral colouring pigments to achieve the desired colour and appearance while maintaining durable physical properties of brick. Our faux brick tiles are great solution to Creates ageing weathered feature brick wall, and a lightweight alternative that needs no extra wall footing support.


The earth pigments used in faux bricks are sourced from naturally occurring minerals, primarily iron oxides, and different combinations of these mineral pigments create vibrant colours that are wholly unique. The introduction of faux bricks has opened up a spectrum of colour choices not normally available in the conventional thin brick.

Faux brick tiles is a relatively new concept in the brick industry. The beginnings of thin brick date back as far as the early 1950s, where market research recognised remodelling and re-veneering as substantial markets for a thin clay veneer wall covering. In addition to developing the thin units, special clips to attach the units to an existing wall, mortar for grouting the joints and a power-driven grouting gun were developed for installation of the brick. However, after four years of research the project was abandoned.
Today, thin brick is being installed using a variety of procedures. In Japan and the United States, thin brick has been placed in forms and cast integrally with concrete, thus providing a very attractive precast concrete panel. Ceramic tile installation techniques are often used to install the brick units at the jobsite, and homeowners are renovating with do-it-yourself thin brick products.


Why faux brick tiles?
Faux brick tiles has become the “new” brick on the market. Shaped to look like “recycled” bricks, faux bricks have become fashionable amongst the retail market, being used in cafes, coffee shops, retail outlets and restaurants for rustic looking feature walls. Each faux brick is individual, varying in size, shape and colour to create an inspirational project that will enhance any room. Available colours: Slate, Outback, Rusty Steel, Rustic Rock, Seashell, Salmon……..

Faux bricks have a number of advantages over traditional brick:
• They are lightweight, and therefore cuts down on the need for extra wall support.
• The bricks can be installed by a tiler or a handyman in a fraction of the time.
• The bricks can attach directly to the wall with a tile adhesive.
• The bricks are far less expensive than normal bricks, especially if you require recycled bricks for a rough-hewn wall.
• Cutting of recycled bricks into thin slices is an expensive and time-consuming procedure. These bricks are cut on an “as needed” basis. All our faux brick colours are in stock and can be dispatched immediately.
• The bricks come in a number of colours that are not available in traditional brick, and especially as recycled-look bricks, and these can be mix-and-matched to create a myriad of colour combinations.