Nature Colour Never Fades Away

Terracotta Cladding Systems is the most innovative external cladding system for high-rise commercial buildings and residential apartments, as well as for someone who is looking for a new architectural cladding material for their dream home.

The system includes terracotta panels, terracotta louvers and a mechanical fixing system. Both terracotta panels and louvers are non-combustible, highly decorative building materials and are made from a mixture of the finest pottery-quality clay and minerals, with a range of beautiful earthy colours that will stand the test of time. The unique mechanical fixing system allows the panels and louvers to securely attach to high-rise building walls to create spectacular visual façade.

We can also customize the shapes of the terracotta panels and louvers to your design needs to create an edge to the signature building or landmark.


The terracotta panel comes in four different thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm. Available more than 60 colours, sizes and surfaces including smoothed, sanded, glazed, grooved, scratched, polished, lined and more.

The terracotta louver consists of a long “stick” of hollow terracotta moulded into square, oblong, rectangle, round, triangle, as well as many other shapes. With over 60 natural colours to choose from, this innovative decorative material, together with our terracotta panels, will make your next building project truly unique.



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Our terracotta cladding products can be customized into architecturally-designed shapes-for example, corners, arc sticks and curved panels-thereby giving the customer the opportunity to achieve any design he desires. This system is ideal for custom logos, images or signage on building walls, or looking to make a bold visual statement about your company. With customized terracotta pieces, presenting your company, retail outlet or residence to the world has never been easier.